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The Standard & Poor's Guide to Selecting Stocks: Finding the Winners & Weeding Out the Losers

The Standard & Poor's Guide to Selecting Stocks: Finding the Winners and Weeding Out the Losers - Michael Kaye Let me be clear: this book was NOT written by a writer.The writing is awkward, choppy, and patently unlyrical.

But I'm giving it 4 stars. The informational is short, clear, and broken down into informational units that I found perfectly suited for my purposes. In fact, i found my library copy so useful that I've added the book to my Amazon wishlist.

My financial moods shift according to my life phase, as you would expect. At the moment I am obsessing with early retirement - i have zero intention of working my crappy stressful job past 50. That gives me 9 years to figure out how to replace my paycheck. This book's chapters on dividend stock screening and the chapter on bond evaluation were to the point and exactly what I was looking for. I took many index card notes.

Other investing books are either too basic - what's a stock, what's a bond, what should your asset allocation be - or too technical, geared for MBAs. This book seemed more like a cheat sheet than a book - a glossary with screening examples.

Good book. I recommend it for anyone that already has a basic knowledge of financial products and investing and is ready to move beyond CDs, savings bonds, and mutual funds.